Mass Incarceration

by Napoleon Da Legend

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Mass incarceration and the rapid growth of the prison-industrial complex has lead to the disenfranchisement of millions of youth, adults and broken families in the US. This reality has been a widely neglected by mainstream media. A New Black Arts Movements is bringing their Critical Hip-Hop Pedagogy program to Rikers Island to provide resources and an outlet to young inmates. We have started raising funds for this endeavor to raise awareness and to support the disenfranchised youth around the nation. We thank you for helping us in this fight by donating here . Our numbers are growing everyday and our voices are being heard. Thank you!



*It's Dangerous *

In the Belly the beast where they treat us like live stock while selling us a dream its

*It's dangerous*

To demonize a skin color kids suffer

From a broken family structure and

*It's dangerous*

When they capture and they taze us
laughing in face while they distract and entertain us it's


To bend facts and disgrace us from the past to present day, it's Mass Incarceration

Verse 1:
Lift the veil up the system has fail us
2 million of us sitting in jail what
Selling us is lies
Where's heaven when you living in hell
You can't see it but you feel it like it's written in brail
They introduced the indentured servants as the workers now slaves basically the same concepts reworded
Poor white folks angry broke and disenfranchised
Invented racism to justify the apartheid
It's politics due to the pressure Lincoln abolished it
After the civil war the economy dipped
4 million black slaves were freed industry suffered
Eventually they locked em up and made em work for nothing
Reconstruction vagrancy laws made public
Anything you do'll put in front of these judges
Whites started working with blacks party was populist
Then they created segregation to put a stop to this
Intro to Jim Crow laws with a pen stroke
The syndrome expanding black and brown people been broke
Similar to poor white folks but they divide us
Ku klux klan is ISIS terrorizing us 20
After World War 2 things were pretty critical
Criticizing Nazis looking hypocritical
Civil rights act was signed ok fine now Peep the second verse for what was next in line cause


Verse 2:
Black brown represent the outcast racial cast
It's foul like tackling grabbing the face mask
Prison is privatized and the profits keep rising
Convicts are release without any means to survive
Post racist America where laws is colorblind
You can never get the truth by discoloring a lie
Who advocates for the inmate regarded as the criminal
Families torn when penitentiaries are the ritual
The poorest get stuck in court rooms its the war against drugs
Another way to wage war against us
In other words our hoods over-policed and under-served
Gentrification bringing hunger wars up in the burbs
Jim Crow upgraded when they send us upstate
I walk the streets with a chip and an indigenous face
Complexity of my essence complicit in my complexion
Culturally conflicted in the system I was bred in
Shell shocked free us from the cell blocks
Sell off all ya jail stock
Write to ya senator flood her mailbox
Stereotypes have to change too
What's The movement no more cooning to entertain you
Cards on the table for change youth driven
True in what we living and birthing a new system
With the Taboos lifted the reality is blatant
Kicking the door down with the
Audacity to change it cause



released December 28, 2016
Produced by Doom Da Wiz
Written by Napoleon Da Legend



all rights reserved


Urban Art Beat New York, New York

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